The divide between the left and the right with politics has become much more polarized in the past few years. This polarization can be linked to the last presidential election. You either backed Trump or you backed Hilary and a large group of people who hated both. People who backed Trump considered everyone who didn’t as someone who hated America and wasn’t patriotic. People who backed Hilary considered everyone who backed Trump to be a racist nazi who hates everyone who isn’t white. After Trump was elected the left has gone much further away from the center than the right has. Also has become a lot less inclusive with opposing opinions. They are becoming almost fascists ironically enough, since antifa or anti fascists are the most fascists. Since they want to silence other groups who have opposing views. There is no room for discussion when a group calls you names if you have a different opinion.

Canada for example has lost the freedom of speech lately due to push from the left. Bill C16 says that you must refer to someone by whatever pronoun they request under punishment from the government. This differs from hate speech. Hate speech says you are forbidden from saying certain words. C16 requires you to use certain language. Requiring people to say things directly goes against freedom of speech as you are not free to say whatever you want to say.

The vast majority of individuals on the left will not have dialog with anyone who does not agree with them. The far right is no better as a lot of individuals on the far right have many racists undertones or are blatantly racist. The far left has many communists and socialist in it, who are preaching ideas that caused the deaths of hundreds of millions of people in the Soviet Union.

The protests in Charleston West Virginia made the polarization obvious. Two groups literally fighting in the streets, there was a car ramming where some people were killed. One the one side fascist nazis who think the white race is superior. On the other side a fascist group who is believes they are superior but in reality are very similar to the nazis. The only thing both groups have in common is anti-semistism. Similar to the communist and nazis fighting each other in Germany before the Holocaust. Hopefully this time around we can not have history repeat itself. The Fascists and the communists fighting amongst themselves until they both turn their attention to the Jews. People should be wary of any group who is too extreme to the left of the right.

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