How would you define “foodie?” I would say it’s someone who finds extra enjoyment it different and unique foods and flavors. I didn’t realize till how much of a foodie I was till recently. Like I would tell people I’m a foodie but I didn’t really believe it I guess till recently. I just don’t understand people who don’t enjoy food the way I do. Even the way I speak about food is the next level. When my brother in law told me he went to a restaurant, I asked him if he got the chili mac n cheese balls knowing that he did. He was so surprised that I knew. Well, of course, I knew because I know their whole menu and what people like.

I get so disappointed when I go to weddings and the food isn’t good. It’s really a letdown. One of the reasons I get excited to attend weddings in the first place is for the food. It’s just crazy how one person can be so into the diversity of foods. Even though I consider myself a foodie, I would never try something just because someone told me to try it. It would need to be because I was in the mood to try something new. Usually, when I go to my favorite restaurants, I eat the same thing because I know what I like. I immediately know if I ordered the wrong thing.

I used to only order salads when I went out. Trust me, I love a good salad, but I was totally ignoring the rest of the menu. I like my foods to have a lot of flavors and different textures. I can’t stand when people eat food that’s supposed to be eaten hot, cold. What a waste! Anyway, my parents are in town for the next few days and I’m so excited to take them to my favorite restaurants. They enjoy food but they probably don’t get excited as me. They’re old. They don’t eat as much as I do. You should see me talking to someone about something good I recently ate, you’d think I was talking about my child learning quantum physics, I am so excited.


Yelp is a good way to be really pretentious about food. There’s no better joy than giving a friend a recommendation of what to order at a restaurant and them telling you how much they enjoyed it. Yeah, that’s right, I’m that friend. If a friend tells me they didn’t like what they had at a restaurant, I immediately tell them that they ordered the wrong thing! There’s this place by us that only sells french fries. You can use from about twenty different sauces to put on them. Obviously, I knew my husband was going to be walking by it, so I told him exactly which sauces to get to make the perfect combo. Of course, he loved it! Why wouldn’t he? I know what’s good. Food is good and I am in no way ashamed of how much I enjoy it. If there’s a new restaurant, I’m already there.

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