Getting a good glock 19 isn’t always the easiest thing in the world. Sometimes though it is absolutely necessary. This was the case for Matt and Diane Jones and their two kids Albert and Melanie.

You see the family lived in a fairly dangerous neighborhood. That neighborhood had one of the highest crime rates in the United States at the time. Matt began to think what could he do to protect his family? So he decided the best thing for him to do would be to get a gun, a firearm. The firearm he chose was the glock 19 gen 4 (Reviewed by Now why the glock 19. It goes back to a conversation he had almost immediately prior to when he bought a glock 19. He remembered meeting with his good friend Will Patterson. You see Will was the known expert in the neighborhood when it came to guns. So when Matt told him he was thinking about getting the glock 19 he almost immediately conceited that he should go and get the glock 19 and it would be the best gun for him and the family’s safety and overall protection. “ Where should I go to buy one though?” Matt asked Will. “ Try Guns Guns and More Guns on West Avenue you should be able to find something there.” “ Okay” said Matt. So Matt went out to this store that was recommended to him. Matt then got in his car to drive there. Unfortunately there was a lot of traffic though so it took more like thirty-five minutes instead of the twenty-five minutes it normally took him to get to the gun store to buy his glock 19. Eventually though Matt made it to the parking lot for guns guns and more guns store. He went in the store and went up to the guy at the counter. “ I’m looking to get a glock 19” he said. “ Just give me a few minutes” said the customer service representative by the counter in the front of the store. So Matt began to wait a few m inutes for the customer service representative to return with the glock 19 he had available in the back for him. He waited about 15 minutes for him to return. “ Here you go” he said. The guy gave Matt a glock 19 with the safety lock on secured in a nice box all ready to go for him to take it home. “ Thanks” said Matt. Matt then took the box with his glock 19 inside back to his car. Before Matt put the glock 19 in his car though he made sure to check the safety lock on his own to make sure that his glock 19 was still nice and secure. After all he had young children at home and he wanted to make sure they would be able to stay safe and allright. When he got home Matt made sure his children didn’t see him and he hid the glock 19 in an easy to reach place for him yet not for his kids.

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