Using shampoos and conditioners on the daily can be hazardous to your hair. Some shampoos are meant to be used daily, usually because they are meant to take over your body’s natural process and alter the secretion of sebum, your body’s natural oil, in the scalp region. When that happens, it does take the body a certain amount of time to readjust to any changes, which is why daily shampoos are exactly that – daily.

So, if you are looking for a way to grow your hair, and still wash it and maintain it, you need to do so on a less rigid routine, at least as far as conditioners are concerned. Shampooing daily is okay for some people, but most of us should not be conditioning our hair often. The best to do is to see how your hair feels, quite literally. If you think it is lifeless and in need of a boost, then by all means wash it and condition it with your best stuff. But over conditioning is not good. And it could lead to trouble down the road.

Some say this is rubbish, and that hair grows back. I know people who experiment with their hair constantly, dye it, cut it, curl it, straighten it. Conversely, I know people who have been growing their hair naturally for many years, and who believe that nothing but water and the occasional herbal shampoo should touch their mane.

You could go either way, I suppose, but the most important thing is that the hair and scalp also have room to do their own thing, and that you don’t burden them with chemicals to such a point where it may become damaging. This is important, because hair can be very important. Not to everyone, sure, but it is definitely something worth paying attention to.

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