When it comes to looking after your hair, many of us think that we’re giving our hair the attention it deserves. Whether you’re trying to stay on top of your hair’s health or are just continuing with your regular routine, there is much to be said for the fact that your hair is likely begging for some extra attention. You don’t need to let your hair become a totally dull, flaky mess before looking after it. Keeping up with a regular deep conditioner is a great way to ensure that your hair receives the enhancing treatment that it deserves. With this in mind, it can be important to look into the wonderful uses that a castor oil conditioner can have for your hair. You might be wondering why I’m calling out castor specifically, so allow me to explain. 


True, there are many different deep conditioners out there for you to try, but I’m here to tell you why castor oil conditioners are the best there is. Castor oil has a multitude of benefits for your hair including moisturizing and promoting hair growth. The fact of the matter is that castor oil has been used for hair for centuries. Whether you decide to use it in a conditioner or just mix it into your hair mask is totally up to you. Either way, the results are totally worth it and completely undeniable. I remember when I first used castor oil on my hair and I got compliments on how shiny and healthy my hair looked, the VERY NEXT DAY!


Okay, so maybe I asked a couple people if they thought my hair looked good and they were pretty much forced to say yes, but regardless, the facts are there. A castor oil conditioner could be your one-step plan to better hair. You should be using it once a week for optimal results. Honestly, I’ve reached the point where I have to physically stop myself from using it more than once a week! I think it’s so fun and refreshing to give my hair a little boost. When I use the castor oil conditioner, I feel inspired to give my hair extra attention for the rest of the day. After using the castor conditioner I suddenly have the urge to use some coconut oil on my strands, and blow dry my hair to perfection. Maybe that’s why I get so many more compliments! My hair feels and looks like it’s getting the treatment that it deserves, because it truly is. There is nothing better than knowing that you’re nourishing your hair from the inside out, and with a castor oil conditioner, you know that’s exactly what you’re doing. It feels great. Now that I know about the wonders of castor oil, I don’t know how I could go back to not using a deep conditioner at least once a week. This time frame might not work for everyone. Try every other week, and see how your hair responds. Your hair will thank you for it.

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