The whole thing could have been avoided, if only there was something else which was avoided. And there are probably things which can and should have been avoided altogether. A whole lot of avoidance going on, you know what I mean? Na, why would you. Well, let me start from the beginning. There is only so much a person can take. And I had had it. I was doing it. I was finally painting my nails. Now, to be clear, I don’t mean to say that I have never done it. I had lost a bet. A major one. And that meant that I had to shave my head. I had been growing my hair for a while, and now because the Knicks hadn’t been able to secure a championship in a decade, I was about to shave my head. No choice about it. The bet was in writing, and the date was about to pass. The chances of the Knicks making the playoffs were low, and sure enough…

So, I shall reminisce about the times when I used to play with it, comb it, twirl it, love it, hate it, get it caught in stuff. Ah, good times. So, yeah, I did treat my hair properly. I knew I wanted to donate it at some point, so it wasn’t a big deal, really. I wanted to repay a favor. A karmic debt which I was happy to pay.

Why aren’t there more people who are aware of the power of tea tree oil shampoo. Heck, I still use it, even without the hair. It is growing back, and this time I am going without commercial shampoo from the beginning. I use my own DIY formula, although now with less hair the formula has changed substantially. Regardless (and did you know ‘irregardless’ means the same thing?), there is a lot that I learned from the time that I had been taking care of my locks.

Washing your hair and head with essential oil products is one of the most revitalizing things that a person can do, sometimes even on a daily basis. It depends on the formula. Do you have any idea how amazing it is? These are substances which were considered rare and nigh unattainable, until a short while ago. Amazing times we live in, seriously. Think of it. The tea tree, which is native to Australia, produces the leaves. The leaves are taken, distilled by steam – or perhaps another method? – and then the vials are sent all over the world. It is an amazing time to be alive. We have these invaluable resources in every shop, every wellness website. Pretty cool. Yeah, we pay a price – different prices – for such things. But in the end, there is a good chance this is worth it.

Long story short – I shaved my head, and gave my hair to an organization which made it into a wig for cancer patients. At least is was for a good cause. Damn Knicks. Will they ever get to the playoffs again?! *sigh*

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