Everyone has experienced relationship problems at one point or another in their lives. Let’s take a closer look at some of the more common problems. In doing so, we will hopefully be able to improve our relationships and learn from past mistakes. This will allow us to cultivate strong and healthy relationships that last. So, without further ado, let’s get started on some common relationship problems.



If you notice that you and your partner fight very often the root of the problem might well be the fact that you have poor communication. This could either stem from you or your partner, but the bottom line is that poor communication is often at the foundation of an unhealthy relationship. With this in mind, it can be useful for couples to learn communication skills either through a couple’s therapist or by digging deep to understand why they communicate the way they do. There are plenty of kickstart resources available online to help you start your journey towards better communication. The good news is that even if you and your current partner don’t work ou, you will have learned proper communication skills to see you through future relationships.


Age Gap

The truth is that there is really nothing wrong with an age gap as long as the two of you are both on the same page in terms of maturity and future plans. The issues often arise for two reasons. First of all, if you’re not able to see eye to eye specifically because of your age gap. For example, if one of you hangs out at the club every night while the other prefers to do Bingo night once a week and call it a social life. There are other issues like this that can come up because of an age gap. However, the more common root of this relationship problem is that one or both of you are self-conscious of how others will perceive the relationship. When you’re wrapped in how other people see the relationship, you’re unable to appreciate each other for who you are. Essentially, your relationship is doomed from the get-go because you’re spending so much time looking out of the relationship instead of nurturing it from the inside.


Technical Issues

I’ll give technical issues a kind of “miscellaneous” status because there are a lot of technicalities in a relationship that can mean it doesn’t work out. Issues that come under this category include financial troubles, finding out that you can’t children, miscarriage, and other issues of the like. These are big problems. I don’t intend to minimize them in any way. The way that these sort of problems are overcome is through having coping mechanisms in place that you each use to deal with stressors. When a couple doesn’t know how to deal with issues separately, there is little hope of them dealing with issues as a couple. Focus on enhancing your coping mechanisms and explore what works for you as a couple too.

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