No matter the type of relationship, communication is the key for it to be a healthy one.
There are different kinds of relationships from acquaintances to the intimate and romantic, and all require honest communication. While not all communication is verbal with words, it is best to be clear, honest, and consistent with your messages.
Many people also say that there is importance in effective non verbal communication, but it must be in line with your words, so as not to give a mixed message.
The relationship within family members will differ from that of a friendship in many ways. In the connection between a parent and child there is usually a firm yet gentle way of interacting so that children will know that there is a certain hierarchy and that while there is a closeness and strong bond, there are lines that cannot or should not be crossed. Also within a family unit there are certain expectations between siblings and extended family that are usually determined within each family and each family’s methods may differ.
Without proper communication, many relationships fail unnecessarily. A few sessions of therapy can make the difference between a failed relationship and a successful one. A therapist can offer suggestions and exercises that will help to improve the way in which we convey thoughts, needs, and desires to others. It’s important that what is received is what and how we intended to transmit. So there is a significance to how things are stated as well as the content itself. And both need to be considered, hopefully before the transmission to avoid conflict.

When conflicts arise and inevitably they do, this is where your best communication skills are needed. There are so many ended relationships or those in disrepair as a result of poor communication. If you are neither  comfortable nor certain how to convey thoughts and feelings so that they are received properly, it’s a good idea to get help so that you can learn to master the art of communicating.

The relationship of teacher/student or employer/employee is similar to parent/child without the longevity.
For many people entering into a new relationship find it to be beneficial to express their value of good communication. An open dialogue with a new acquaintance or colleague can help to determine compatibility early on.

It is said that in communicating more effectively, the use of the word “I” as opposed to “You” is key. Good listening skills are just as important as speaking clearly and using specific and positive words.  Also important is validating the feelings of someone expressing themselves. This shows the other person that you are listening and while you may not agree with them, they have their own feelings and perspectives that need to be heard.
Poor communication, especially in the workplace can lead to a very contagious low morale, dissatisfied customers, and lowered productivity. But good communication in the workplace should begin at the top. How upper management speaks to employees is the example set forth to continue throughout the company.

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