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If marital status affects car insurance, then it’s safe to say that sex is affected by age. Your marital status also has the power to impact your sexuality. Having a healthy sex life while you still have the ability equates to strength in marriage and in any partner relationship no matter your age.

Believe it or not, sex has a huge impact on a relationship. As we age, that doesn’t change. While medical issues or hormones may decrease the ability to be sexual, the ‘want and desire’ for many is still strong. What also changes with age is maturity in sexuality. That’s right – you thought sex was fun in your twenties and thirties? Hold on to your hat because it gets better.

Sex Does Get Better

With age comes practice and with practice comes mastery of skill. Age also takes away some of the shyness and opens inhibitions to invite in a little more sensuality and spontaneity into the bedroom.  You no longer need the lights out and soft music playing to get you in the mood. Now, all you need is a partner and privacy.

With age also comes a sense of freedom to explore and experience things you may have been too nervous to attempt in the past. You become less interested in self-gratification and more interested in pleasing your partner.  Don’t get me wrong — you still need your own release, but the whole act becomes a little less selfish and a little more giving.

Communication is Key

Sex after 50 is hotter than fire. It is fun, intense, passionate, and it helps to strengthen bonds between partners. Sex is a great way to get your heart-rate up and burn calories. It promotes healthy communication in a relationship because the older you get, the more open you are about what your physical needs are.

Trying and exploring new things together creates intimacy. This is lost on young couples because sex is less about connecting on an emotional level and more about connecting on a physical level. This doesn’t mean sex as a young adult is bad. However, with time, the emotional connection of sex intensifies with age.

Sex isn’t Always Sexy

Sex isn’t attractive. Seriously, if you watch yourself, you may be a little weirded out by what you see. You may think you sound and look hot, but there is nothing hot about it after you have had children, had your hair turn gray, and your body parts are no longer in the positions that they started in.

But, it’s so amazing in the moment that you could care less about what you look like.

We all age. We all change physically. Some people choose to pay to have lifts, tucks, and removals while others of us embrace our age and just get it on.

Stop Putting it Off

What are you waiting for? Fantasies are meant to be shared with your partner. How else can they come true? Let your freak flag fly (as we used to say) and spice it up.

There is nothing wrong with two consenting adults experimenting in the bedroom (or living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc.). You may just try something that takes sex to a whole new level of wonderful.


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Robyn Flint writes and researches for the car insurance site, CarInsuranceCompanies.net, and she is a licensed realtor with over seven years of experience helping buyers and sellers navigate the real estate market. Robyn is also a 50-year-old freelance writer and a published author.


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Katie is a sex guru, relationship expert, women's health expert, and spiritual coach. Katie is a proponent of a holistic view on wellness in sex, spirituality, relationships, and women's health. All of these factors influence one another and Katie has a unique perspective on life and love.

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