It is quite clear that dating isn’t what it used to be. With dating apps bringing an endless amount of options right to your fingertips, how can it not be different? Ever since the #metoo movement and the greater acceptance of the LGBTQ community, dating is like it’s never been before. Many men come to me concerned about how the #metoo movement has changed the dating world. They’re almost afraid. They now have to ask if everything is okay when they used to just be able to act more on instinct, but now they have to be worried about doing something terrible.


There are many situations that you’ll now need to navigate differently. The first place that will seem a bit tricky is the workplace. There are already sexual harassment rules in place for the workplace but let’s go over them. If you work with someone closely, it doesn’t mean you have permission to flirt with them or treat them differently because you find them attractive. Obviously, the workplace is a very popular place to meet people, but that doesn’t mean you should bother people. If you like someone, don’t act on it. You need to wait to see if they give out any feelers that they like you. If they do, then you can give out a feeler. There are ways to put out feelers without flirting or making the other person feel uncomfortable. For example, you can suggest a group hang out after work and if they agree to go, you can try to get to know them better there. But don’t be pushy! If they aren’t interested, let it go.

Most of the time it doesn’t matter where you meet someone but how you meet them. There are a few things to keep in mind when approaching someone. Give them space. If you get too close, they will immediately feel vulnerable and attacked. You don’t need to tap someone to get their attention. A wave can work just as well. Be sure not to startle them or approach them from where they can’t see you like from behind. Compliments are great but they can come off creepy from a stranger. Therefore, you shouldn’t compliment someone on their physicality you should instead compliment how happy or confident they seem. Making a nice observation is also good.


If you feel stuck in the friend zone, don’t try to make situations sexual. That is not okay. If the person wants to be more than friends, you’ll know. Don’t overstep your boundaries. One of the most important things for you to do is to learn how to spot rejection. If they don’t seem interested or look uncomfortable, leave and tell them to have a good day. You don’t want them to remember you as a creep when you definitely are not. Last but not least, the way a person dresses is never an invitation for anything sexual. Yes, you’re attracted to them, but they are dressed that way for themselves, not you.

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