There is a lot of pornography on the internet today, there is more sex on the internet than anything else. The vast majority of it is on streaming sites that are completely free to watch. This seems like a positive step, but it has really cut into the wallets of sex workers who make porn. They used to sell VHS and DVDs for people to watch Porn, but now no one watches pornography they pay for, which really isn’t fair for these sex workers. A lot of their content is streamed illegally and without their consent. Not to mention a lot of videos are filmed and streamed without the consent of the women being filmed. There are also a lot of young women who also get wrapped up in the porn industry, they are used abused and not paid a lot. All of this is shown very accurately in the documentary Hot Girls Wanted. There are a lot of young actresses who are taken advantage of by producers, especially when they are pressured into doing abusive videos. Not to mention the physical effects of watching hardcore content has on your sex life. Watching hardcore content can massively desensitize you, and can even cause impenitent in some men. They can only get aroused by watching hardcore pornography and can have difficulty getting aroused by a real woman. Often individuals will start watching more and more intense pornography. So the question is asked how do you watch porn in a morally healthy way?

There are several steps you can take to watch the adult video you would like without your viewing harming or taking money out of the pocket of someone who deserves it. One positive feature of a lot of these streaming sites is that private individuals can post videos. There is a lot of amateur content that isn’t extreme and healthy to watch. Most importantly no individuals are being taken advantage of and there’s no one losing their livelihood over this content being streamed for free.
Watching pron can be a fun and exciting way to spice up your sex life, but like any little guilty pleasure it can easily be taken to an unhealthy level and done in a way that isn’t good for any of the parties involved. But watching it can also have a negative effect on your mental health. Watch videos are realistic and show people actually making love, not people abusing young women verbally and physically. I don’t recommend watching videos that are stolen content from videos that should be paid for. No one expects you to work for free and you shouldn’t expect people to make films for free for you to watch. Pay for the videos you watch. If you’re enjoying someone’s work they deserve to be paid for it. If you really don’t have the budget to pay for porn there are people who make content that they don’t expect to be paid for, which would be morally acceptable to watch for free. In addition to this content being morally acceptable to watch it is usually pretty tame and healthy content to enjoy as well. Enjoy and be healthy my readers.

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